Whispers Of Sorrow

A vision of whispers of sorrow

Whispers of sorrow in the midst of clouds
They were summoning a past of woe and fear
Sadness was soon evoked, and nothing was forgotten
A way of existence never at peace
Where lies never died
Bathing and fading on a dark road
In deep stillness like dreams never seen
The memory was turned into a looking-glass
And with beauty at each sigh
With a unique twist of persuasion and passion

All the shining stars have been hidden in the darkness
Where there was no death or sadness
When night descended like heavy rain
Everything went lost in an embrace of unknown dreams
An eternal mystery of concealed thoughts undisclosed a barren fondness of bliss
And the night came when the sun blazed
While every sunset begat a golden moon
There was nothing remarkable to be said
In the languor of darkness and imagination
Everything was motionless and cold like a flower stone

Whispers of sorrow and tears
When a dream slashed the heart
Overwhelmed by feelings and thoughts
In a moment beyond the fate
As if all light went blind by the gloom of regret
The torment and squalor fell into indifferent foolishness
Despicable facades were remade by strident fear
A circus of cruelty and greed was going to appear
The hypocrisy of diaphanous mirrors reflected grotesque portraits
Only tedious deception could endure the wicked veiled truth

Imperishable blame was obliterated by irresponsibility
Grief and sorrow could not mend every lost and dormant sublimity
Innocent hopes were shattered by ruthless ineptitude
A silent doom of sad memories embraced inevitable grudges
Extravagant recklessness became a glittering illusion
Endless uncertainty and unsteadiness begat nuisance
Raptures of clueless bewilderment trapped the only fragment of eagerness in the soul
Longing no more any acquaintance with rationality and sensibility
And pretending that concealed sadness would relieve anxiety
Whispers of sorrow and turmoil of dread were confined in the dimness

In the depths of darkness, shadows resided
And in the night, they confided
A harmony of anguish and despair swung away in a chaos of dismay
A haunting refrain echoed through the darkest hollows
Unveiling secrets that were once untold
The burden of distress left scars upon each heart beyond every mend
In the quiet corners, where tears silently fell
Whispers of sorrow enthralled chronicles of shattered dreams
The tumult of dread defeated every paroxysm of desire
Leaving no respite and no solace to find

Whispers of despair unveiled their secrets
Painting bleak portraits of fear and disdain
Amidst the darkness, a glimmer of light was shining bright
A flicker of hope was concealed in anguish
And in the depths of despondency, dauntlessness thrived
A haunting melody, a tale of regrets
Through the corridors of a troubled labyrinth
The echoes of distress entwined each whispered word
Unveiling the secrets of a mysterious affliction
Searching for skies and tales of shattered dreams

An ethereal solitude devastated every essence of eternity
A vast silence, where time stopped to exist
An intricate art made of shadows and mist
Timeless embraces of frozen instants in a universe devoid of despair
Amidst ruins of eternity’s plight
A glimmer of dreams appeared, shining bright
Vulnerable chaos and wonders hid in infinite skies
A paradoxical realm glowed in the eternal abysses of darkness
Unveiling a tapestry of impressions and desires
Like a disordered prism gleaming the brilliance of its own light

The hushed winds of grief and sorrow wailed in the obliviousness
Abetting every dark cloud and gloom
In the destruction of all the vestiges of bliss and delight
Whispering tales of anguish and unacquainted worlds
A silent unawareness whimpered softly in the darkest nights
Carrying the weight of shattered dreams and mournful sobs
A symphony of exertion and melancholic tones
Rustling through the branches of despair
And stroking the leaves of hopes endlessly lost
Their whispers of dismal filled the aether

In the stillness of gloaming, shooting stars cast away the perpetual gloominess
A dark tempest awoke, unleashing a chaos of fury and wild clouds
Heavy and dark grey hazes echoed thunder roars at distant shores
The wind howled a haunting sound, whipping through hollowed trees
Scattered leaves fled unboundedly like lost whirs
The rain descended with wicked might, day and night
Flashes of lightning split the sky, crystallising the dimness of the nightmares
Bright purple clouds swirled like a captivating spell
Majestic and bold twilights painted a dreamscape where wonders and dreams could thrive
Magic whispers of untold tales, like portals to undisclosed realms

Ethereal secrets summoned sorrowful remembrances, evoking imagination and supernal delights
Whilst confused by the angst of a forgotten past
A desire dormant in nothingness was eternally trapped in the anguish of banality and contempt
Nowhere were the beginning and end like an infinite swoon
Forlorn past whispers faintly swayed through moonlit gardens
Where lilies danced with petals adorned with deep secrets
The night’s embrace unveiled a silent maze of time
Where aery treasures dwelt in sublime seclusion
And in the land of enchantment and deception, utopias became realness
Waiting for the absurdities of dreams and ideas.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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