A Frail And Lonely Dismay

A frail and lonely dismay scenario

A frail and lonely dismay of the night
Tinged like a tiny soul of light
At the edges of the universe
Waiting for its memorable sight
Standing alone in a silent deadlock
The heart that seems so close to being so sad
There is no way more and our lives and joy
Never begin what is about never to die
Love is created as an eternal wisdom

A frail and lonely dismay
In silent long-moving years
Made of pains that cannot be revealed
Would it be a dream to lose?
A utopia that the world has never known
I had looked back in stillness
The quietness of some tree
Where all the dreams abound
And idyll will never cease to succumb
To the grief and solitude

A frail and lonely dismay
I’ll never know who I was
But only the sadness I feel
And where are my vestiges
To be hurled away in the cold blast
Again and nevermore
A sudden fear reappears
Bleeding tears are far as memories
And now I do not need anymore
No doubt, once happiness got lost.

A frail and lonely dismay
In life, a defeat will never be new
But I still live embracing habits
Until love might give strength to convey
Life comes today in time
And everything must fade away
Sweet songs of hope and dismay
Everything pierces a feeble heart
Being another daytime like another year

A frail and lonely dismay
It should be a phantom
Descending in the fleeting night
Twixt its own soul’s delight
It might drive me too fierce
As well as it may appear
Like in a vision
Before it fades again
Whenever life is at peace with the truth
So, no longer there would be an end
As long as every dash would be gone.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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