A Timeless Emptiness

A timeless emptiness surreal space

A timeless emptiness
Out of vision and fear
Afternoon and Midnight
The sun hides in the woods
Sitting still while listening to the wind through the leaves
Like a surreal vision
Words inside of me shine gloomy
In the unseen world of emotions
Feelings have a hidden beauty
Secret and powerful
Like an icy sea of trees
A breath thriving into a silent voice
A perfect sight of unhappiness

A timeless emptiness
A sense of being alive and unified
Like beautiful words scattered in the void
I’m a part of my own universe
And I love to make the world feel everything I might grant
So many times with no fear
Very dearly with love for creation
Whenever light grab the truth
Long moments ago
With joy and hope
And a bliss without any delight in mind
Never realised until love does, it feel like flowers

A timeless emptiness
May surely live, that ever was found
In reality
Dreams become devoted vows
Which are made of stained beliefs
In a heart filled with everything that could become alive and dead
Remembering all the time to believe and untrust
An eternity that will cease
Whenever life is meant to end
And death becomes true
Like a nightmare finalised
Though no reality should be conceded
In an artwork built from farse and betrayal

A timeless emptiness
Like an unquenchable fire
Burning the soul until its extinction
In the unawareness of a feeling of unconsciousness
Understanding that nothing will end but will only transform
Something too big to be caught
My thoughts build my life
With no beginnings and no ends
My heart is at the edges of the intelligible
Where there is no shadow and shine
A reflection of dark feelings and empty senses
Building a ghost island within the soul
And I lie senseless in unwavering dismay.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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