Crimson Roses

Crimson Roses

Crimson Roses

There is a garden of crimson roses
The moon is radiant and bright
I’m lost in a dark and gloomy oblivion
Crimson roses are an oasis of delight where my heart rejoices
Whenever my heart bleeds, the poetry comforts me
My poetry is the only expression of my soul

I lose myself in the hollowness
I seek beauty and sublimity 
There is a subtle way to connect with my spirit
It mostly happens in the ethereal world
Where souls can find a connection
Life is an abridged burden
I remain in the hush, and magnificence is in my eyes
Sorrow and euphoria are my constant companions
I live in my dreams, and it’s not so arduous to find me
Distances disappear since, in the intangible world, space annihilates
In the meantime, I find my bliss in crimson roses and poesy.
Esther Racah

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4 years ago

Bound and beaten but not broken
Leaving a slash of red across my palm
Pain never detracting from it’s beauty
The ice cold venom of the thorns.

Cindy Shi
Cindy Shi
4 years ago

Hi I am gonna use this for my event

4 years ago

Love melt my me