You Can Find Me In The Night

You Can Find Me In The Night

You Can Find Me In The Night

You can find me in the night hiding in the darkness
My thoughts fluctuate in the evanescence like rose petals
 My heart is in a treasure chest
They call me the daydreamer
Dreams and passions permeate my soul
I’m not what I have but what I accomplish
In the downfall, I always learn something
Everything alters me, and I adapt to change
Suddenly the dusky night gives way to the bright morning

You can find me in the night in the company of my loneliness

Like a nocturnal creature, I disappear in the obscurity
Not at all frightened by the inexorable darkness
I feel free to fly everywhere I wish

I swing from the stars

Careless of the consequences
Beauty and splendour fill my soul
Magnificence is everywhere
I’m delighted in the uncertainty 

The night is so luscious and exquisite
I cannot refrain from my joy.
Esther Racah

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I am a literary blogger, a writer, a poet and a physicist. I have a PhD in Physics and am a former researcher in Astroparticle Physics. I am fluent in 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and Hebrew. Previously, I had studied Ancient Greek and Latin. Books, literature, poetry, and art are some of my passions.
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