Melancholy Twilight

Melancholic Twilight

A melancholic twilight was in one of my dreams
Shades of purple and pink were blending in the firmament
A cold wind was stroking the tree fronds
Dismay and fears were emerging like pale ghosts of my past
A past which I could not avoid nor forget
No choice is free when the mind is not pure
My reflection in the mirror of dreadful yore was pursuing me
I strove to escape a tangled past while feeling bewildered
While I was utterly overwhelmed by disconcertion
I discovered a melancholic twilight as my misty haven
Emptiness and apathy would protect my inner dismay
As I could bear all the disillusions, which life pretended to offer me
Like a treasure, which is lying under the ocean
Now, as always, I could keep it in a timeless lark.

Ever and ever thine own
Esther Racah

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