Without Words

Without Words

Without Words

Without words, I find myself in the deepest and darkest night
And there is a blankness in my mind
And I confront my memories
Struggling to cope with this instability
Without words, I feel a grip of pain and fear inside my soul
Without words, I’m trapped inside the abyss of the silence

All that I have is a fleeting moment that will be forever mine
No more than a reminiscent burden of my life
Trapped in the time and bound to a reality that is outside my mind
I wonder if I’m what I imagine and if I’m real
I wonder if my fantasies are tangible

I’m just an illusion and dream made of foolishness
Without words, I wait for my imagination to become palpable
Just in a tiny fraction of time, everything changes
Nothing will be the same anymore
Worthless and wordless, I remain still and quiet
My words will be my legacy in this world
My words will be like tiny water drops carving rocks
And I have nothing else to say
The silence came to rescue me.
Esther Racah

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