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An artwork that evokes a vivid imagination of fancy caprices.

Fancy Caprices

A beautiful painting evoking silent tears.

Silent Tears

An image evocative of ghostly silence

Ghostly Silence

A photo evocative of desolate echoes

Desolate Echoes

A gloomy landscape that evokes a veiled sorrow

A Veiled Sorrow

A glowing image of an AI that evokes dismal twilight

Dismal Twilight

A gloomy landscape reminding of a soft doom.

Soft Doom


Esther Racah
Hey there! I just wanted to share a bit about myself. I'm a literary blogger, writer, poet, and physicist. I've got a PhD in Physics and used to be a researcher in Astroparticle Physics. I'm lucky enough to be fluent in 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, and Hebrew. I'm also a huge fan of books, literature, poetry, and art - they're some of my biggest passions. And before I forget, I've also studied Ancient Greek, Latin, and Philosophy!
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